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The mainstream media likes to rant about Israel creating a “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza despite Israel’s extraordinary efforts avoid civilian deaths in its ongoing clash with terrorist group Hamas. What the media ignores is how Hamas deliberately places civilians, often women and children, in…


This screenshot from a page called “I Hate Israel” shows an Israeli soldier kissing his boyfriend at the 2010 Pride parade in Jerusalem. In an attempt to spark hatred towards Israel, the page calls the IDF a ‘Gay Army’, encouraging its followers to share the image.

So I’m sharing the image too for everyone to know what Israel and its soldiers - gay/straight - currently fight against: NOT the Palestinians! NOT Gaza! ISRAEL IS FIGHTING TERROR!

Hamas is a terror organisation who is against giving any rights or education to women, supports the killing of homosexuals, using animals as a ‘living-weapon’ while attaching demolition charges to their bodies, and it’s one and only motto is: “We love death more than the Israelis love life!”

I would like to emphasise that my heart goes out to every innocent life that was lost in Gaza, and my heart aches for every Israeli soldier who lost their lives in the fight. I pray for the fighting to stop as soon as possible and that no more lives will be lost to terror!

Let us all pray for peace. Amen, אמן.

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